Friday, 8 July 2011

People in my life (and in this blog)

RK: Red Knight. My better/worse half. Favorite pastimes and activities include reading extensively, debating, writing, photography, movies, singing (mostly to me), wikiing, mollycoddling and painting the occasional impressionist bits and pieces. Far from liberal leftist, staunch feminist and my co-conspirator.
FB: Foster Brother. Constant companion, confidante, co-conspirator and critic. Favorite pastimes and activities include surfing the internet, music, movies, photography, friends and contemplation. A lot of him is still a mystery. :)
PS: Princess Sensitivity. Sister figure, caring, my conscience. Interest areas- Gender and Feminism, Indian classical dance and music, reading, poetry, engaging in constant fights with everyone in near vicinity.
PM: Pyaari Maa. Conservative to the core, sensitive, very very educated and extremely intelligent. Interest areas: snooping and prying (only in my affairs), professional reading and practice, cursing RK.
CD: Clueless(cool) Dad. Equally sensitive and conservative, but aloof. Interest areas: Professional reading, music, joking and socializing (only outside family circles).
IB: Idiot Bro. Kinda very cute but extremely irksome. Lone voice of support at home.  Interests : table tennis, NCC, reading, carnatic music, me.
RDX: Rk’s Demonic eX. Well, she is kind of like a shadow that haunts me not because she is RK’s past and pastime but because on many levels she is a lot like me. Interests include blogging with the sole motive of provocation (getting RK to respond), music, reading, writing etc (based on what I have heard) 
SIB: Somewhere In Between. RK’s sibling. Good friend at times, prey to conventions, quite the typical mallu but tying to break out of that description. Interests: reading, writing, chatting (by the looks of it), acting, movies.
BF: Best Friend from high school. Very loving, supportive, energetic, always high. Interests: dancing, movies, music, and recently reading.
TW: The woman: A feminist friend (From a social networking site), my inspiration, a daily source of facts and info from around the world. Interests: reading, writing, social networking etc. still just a virtual friend of hers.
CMs: College mates
SFs: School Friends
BM: Bloody meddlers. Relatives.
Additions (and deletions) will be made regularly as and when the need arises.

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