Thursday, 7 July 2011

The First

Many a time I feel that I have a word too many to say and oft I find myself gagged by tradition, laws, customs, norms, propriety and even people dear and near. When I think of it, it seems to me that what I wish to say needs to be said and heard and maybe the very people who stop me from saying what I have to will appreciate the same from an unfamiliar mouth, so here I am as Vaani Manoja. The one who is eloquent in words and who is born of the mind, a dream, a fantasy, a phantasma....
You may think that hiding under this enticing cavern of anonymity is cowardice. To an extent, I do agree that there is a great degree of cowardice in this act, but at the same time, there is a tinge of valor in the act of speaking up even from the depths of Erebus. Many a time, even those who reek of bravery and excel in oratory do not think along the same lines as I do, or if they do, the just don't say what I have to. So, it is up to me to do the task myself, for the important thing is what I have to say and not who I am.

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